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A Star is Born - WOODS’ Online Singing Contest 2020

The first ever online singing contest by Kalbe Cambodia is finally wrapped up. From hundreds of submission, top 10 singers are shortlisted and get the privilege to perform in front of Khat Sokhim, the Brand Ambassador of WOODS’ on 14th November 2020.

Along with Khat Sokhim, Mr. Nentom as professional performance coach and Mr. Oktavianus also present as the judge.

“All contestants are really talented and have their own uniqueness. After careful consideration, we choose contester #4 named Sun Sivaiyu as 1st winner, contester #10 named Plean Phum as 2nd winner, and contester #8 Thy Chanthea named as 3rd winner. I cannot wait to record the duet song with the winner,” said Khat Sokhim.

Mr. Sun Sivaiyu enjoy singing as one of his hobby. When he saw the announcement of WOODS’ Online Singing Contest on Facebook, he knows that this might be a once in a lifetime chance. “It never crossed my mind that I will be chosen as the winner of this competition. Thanks to WOODS’, I can achieve my dream to sing with my idol Khat Sokhim,” he said.

The total prize of the contest is 8,000,000 Riel. During live announcement, Kalbe Cambodia also announces Mr. Nhem Sopheamuny as the Social Media Darling.

“It such an honor for us to be able to collaborate with Khat Sokhim in making the dream of aspiring singers come true. We hope that in the future, we can do another meaningful program for the society,” said Oktavianus, the Country Manager of Kalbe Cambodia.

Khat Sokhim and Mr. Sun Sivaiyu duet song will be released this December through WOODS’ Cambodia Facebook Fan Page. While waiting for the official release, you can re-watch the top 10 audition and all singing videos submitted by all participants through the same page.

Link for full video Facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/woodscambodia/videos/814231126038334/

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