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As exciting as it is to introduce new foods when you start solids with your little one, there are a few things that should stay off the menu for the first year because they pose a choking hazard or are otherwise not well suited for babies. Here's your guide to foods to avoid during your baby's first year, along with recommendations for when it's safe to introduce them.
there some food that baby should avoid such as

  • whole or chopped nuts or seed
  • low fat food
  • high fibre foods eg : added bran
  • row or under cooked eggs
  • salty foods
  • fizzy drink
  • tea coffee or flavoured milks
  • foods meant for adults, like gravy or sauces
  • unnecessary suger
  • liver if your baby is taking supplement containing vietamin A

Source​ ៖ www.newbornhub.com

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