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Introduction to Stomach Ache (2), Symptoms & Treatment

Introduction to Stomach Ache (2), Symptoms & Treatment

Ulcer disease is a disease that is often experienced by all of us, unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are suffering from stomach ulcers. Let's learn more about the symptoms of heartburn and its treatment.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

Citing WebMD, usually, people who suffer from ulcers will experience disturbances such as the following:

  • Pain and heat in the abdomen and breastbone, to be precise in the solar plexus
  • Bloating
  • Burp
  • Decreased appetite due to stomach discomfort
  • Nauseous
  • Gag
  • There is a sour taste in the mouth
  • The most common symptom of gastritis is a burning sensation around the stomach and chest or commonly known as heartburn. Usually, this condition triggers a person to experience other ulcer symptoms.

Diet for ulcer sufferers

Diet is one of the core problems of people suffering from ulcers. Launching Healthline, a number of foods are considered good for keeping the stomach healthy. Vegetables and fruits are two good food ingredients to maintain digestive health. The fiber content of these two foods is able to keep your digestive tract from the risk of infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria. The following is a list of healthy foods for ulcer sufferers:

  1. Green vegetables - Green vegetables have lots of fiber and are good for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. These types of vegetables include spinach, kale, and broccoli.
  2. Fruits - Just like vegetables, fruit is also a fiber-rich food. Fruits that are recommended for ulcer sufferers are strawberries, apples, bananas, and papayas.
  3. Olive oil - This type of oil is healthy because it is rich in antioxidants. The content of this oil is also considered effective in reducing stomach acid and is able to heal the damaged stomach lining.

Foods to avoid with gastric ulcers

In addition to avoiding ulcers with a healthy intake, one should also avoid a number of foods and drinks. The following foods and drinks should not be consumed to prevent ulcers:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Spicy food
  • Alcohol
  • Sour food
  • In addition to the type of food, irregular eating patterns can also trigger heartburn.

Stomach Pain Treatment

Changing the pattern of life with a healthy lifestyle is the main way of treating ulcer disease, but besides that, taking ulcer medicine can also help cure ulcer disease.

There are a number of drug content that can treat or reduce heartburn, as follows:

Antacids are a type of medicine to neutralize stomach acid and prevent the risk of irritation to the stomach. These antacids are found in substances that contain salts such as aluminum, calcium, magnesium, or sodium. Some antacids also contain 2 combinations of 2 types of salt, namely magnesium carbonate & aluminum hydroxide, or this combination is often called magnesium hydroxide. Hydrotalcite is also an antacid, Hydrotalcite binds excess stomach acid in the stomach and neutralizes the acid thereby reducing acidity in the stomach.

Simethicone is used to relieve pressing pain caused by pressure from excessive gas in the stomach and intestines. Simethicone can be used for both children & adults.

Promag contains hydrotalcite, magnesium hydroxide & simethicone, therefore Promag works effectively & quickly in binding excess acid in the stomach, thereby reducing acid levels in the stomach, preventing the risk of stomach irritation, and also relieving pain due to gas pressure in the stomach.


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