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Baby Rusk
Good Start For A Healthy Growth
Available in 4 flavors:
-    Original
-    Banana
-    Orange
-    Mix Fruits
As a complementary foods, to assist the growth and development of infants from the age of 6 months infants are introduced to the first semi-solid food, Milna Baby Biscuits.
Milna Biscuit Babies 6 + can be presented in the form of porridge, or in the form of whole / pieces to stimulate the growth of teeth.
Enriched with the formula “Brain & Body Care Defense”:
AA and DHA, helps brain development as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help maintain the immune system. 
Probiotic to help boost growth Bifidobakteri (Good bacteria) that are useful for maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Calcium milk, sources of absorbable calcium, which is needed to help the growth of bones and teeth.
18 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, essential substances needed to assist the development and optimal infant growth.