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Do you often cough at night? Beware of these dangerous symptoms

Do you often cough at night? 

Beware of these dangerous symptoms

Sometimes there is an annoying feeling when trying to sleep but the throat feels itchy and causes coughing. What is even more worrying is that the cough occurred during the current COVID-19 pandemic because it is a symptom of contracting the virus.

Is a cough that only occurs at night is an indication of COVID-19? According to the Medical Manager of the Kalbe Consumer Health Division of PT Kalbe Farma TBK, Dr. Helmin Agustina Silalahi cough which is a symptom of COVID-19 does not only occur at night. Besides coughing from this virus is a type of dry cough.

"Symptoms of cough on COVID-19 are usually dry coughs, and don't occur only at night," said Dr. Helmin to detikHealth, Monday (4/27/2020).

However, a cough that only occurs at night can be an indication of other dangerous diseases. Therefore, it must remain on the alert.

Reporting from Medical News Today, coughing at night can be caused by a variety of conditions. Some of them are short term and disappear within one or two weeks. But there are also those that are long term.

The cough at night can be an indication of the causes of dangerous diseases such as allergies, asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and so on. Dr. Helmin added, a cough that only occurs at night may be caused by allergies because at night the air is cooler than during the day.

"In addition, in the case of GERD if eating before bedtime can also trigger coughing at night," continued Dr. Helmin.

GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a long-term condition in which acid from the stomach rises to the esophagus. These symptoms can cause tissue damage to the body, narrowing of the esophagus, respiratory problems, even developing into cancer.

Dr. Helmin said, a cough that occurs anytime if left untreated can cause serious illness so it needs to be identified the cause in order to know its prevention and treatment.

"A cough that lasts continuously can endanger the patient because it interferes with breathing, social activities, and sleep thereby reducing the quality of life," said Dr. Helmin.

Therefore, it is very important to immediately cure a cough that only occurs at night. One of them is by consuming WOODS’ Cough Syrup that contain strong peppermint to relieve the throat.

If you experience cough symptoms that only occur at night, you can consume WOODS’ so that the throat feels more relieved and the cough gradually subsides.

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