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Introduction about Stomach Ache

Introduction about Stomach Ache (Indigestion), The Cause & Medication

Stomach Ache, Indigestion & Gastritis are types of conditions which usually are taken lightly by lots of people. A lot of people with these conditions are not taking them seriously and think that these conditions will heal by themselves or be gone as time goes by. Whereas if it is not taken seriously with good medication & a change in their lifestyle, these conditions are difficult to be cured and as time goes it will get worse and worse.

These conditions, refer to a wound or irritation inside the stomach. The pain can occur with symptoms such as pain or burning sensations inside your stomach.

To deal with it, we need to know more about Stomach Ache, what causes it, how we can medicate it. By knowing more about these conditions, we can manage them effectively & prevent them from getting worse.

What is Stomach Ache?

Stomach Ache is a pain sensation inside your stomach due to the conditions inside the stomach. According to Healthline, the stomach ache happens when the mucus layer which covers the stomach is decreasing. Hence it causes the stomach acid to damage the stomach tissue. Stomach Ache is easy to deal with, but improper care can lead to worse conditions    

The Cause of Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache usually happened when the disturbance in the stomach causes the high production of stomach acid. These conditions are usually caused by:

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle, such as:
    • Smoking
    • Too much consumption of alcohol, caffeine & soda
    • Eating too fast & too much
    • Too many consumptions of spicy & greasy foods
  2. Mental Health, such as:
    • Stress
    • Worrying too much
  3. Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)
  4. Digestive Tract problems, or complications from other medical conditions, such as:
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    • Gastritis
    • Pancreatitis
    • Urolithiasis
    • Stomach cancer
  5. Some side effects of the consumptions of other drugs, such as:
    • Antibiotics
    • Non-Steroid Anti Inflammation drugs

These things are the things that caused the stomach ache problems. The number one & two reasons have been the most common reasons which cause stomach ache problems today.

Stomach Ache Medications

Changing our healthy lifestyle is the best approach to handle our stomach ache problems, but to immediately handle the stomach ache problems, consuming stomach ache medicine is one of the best solutions for it.

For stomach ache medication, there are some compositions that can solve this:

  1. Antacids is a type of medicine that can neutralize stomach acids and prevent the risk of getting stomach irritation. These antacids can be derived from materials that contain salts such as aluminum, calcium, magnesium or sodium. Some antacids also contain 2 combinations from 2 types of salts such as magnesium carbonate & aluminum hydroxide, or the combination of these salts which is called magnesium hydroxide. Hydrotalcite is also a type of antacid. Hydrotalcite binds the excess amount of stomach acids in the stomach, hence help neutralize the stomach acidity.
  2. Simethicone is a material that is used to relieve the pressing pain in the stomach due to pressure from excess acid inside the stomach & bowels. Simethicone is also safe for kids & older people.

Promag contains Hydrotalcite, Magnesium Hydroxide & Simethicone. So, Promag works effectively & fast in binding the excess amount of stomach acid, hence reducing the acidity in the stomach & reducing the risk of stomach irritation, and also relieve the pain due to the pressure in the stomach. So Promag is very good & effective for medicating stomach ache problems.

Source (CNN, alodokter).

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